1. First be well with yourself.

Only when you are well with yourself, you can be well with others.

2. Manage your loneliness.

Only when you can manage your loneliness, you can manage a relationship.

3. You can only give what you have.

You need to appreciate yourself so you can appreciate others.

You need to love yourself so you can love others.

You need to respect yourself so you can respect others.

You need to accept yourself so you can accept others.

Because, no one can give what they don’t have.

4. Inner peace.

No relationship will give you the peace you don’t create in yourself.

5. The fantasy that generates frustration.

Precising from another person to make us happy and satisfy all our expectations, it’s a fantasy that only brings frustrations.

6. Autonomy

No relationship will bring you happiness

that you yourself don’t build.

7. Self-satisfaction.

You can only be happy next to someone when you yourself will be enough and you will be able to state with conviction. I don’t need you to be happy.

8. Independence

Only by being independent you will be able to love; independence that goes to the point where you don’t need to manipulate, nor control those you say you love.

9. Requirements

To love you need to practice a responsible freedom, modestly in self-satisfaction and highway.

10. Self-esteem and maturity.

To love yourself, grow up.

And the day when you can tell another person ′′ I feel good, I don’t miss you even if you’re not physically near me “, will be the day when you’re ready to live in a couple.

11. A share.

Two people who live in a couple will only be happy if they came together to share their happiness, not to make each other happy.


′′ Two people love each other only when they can live without each other, but decide to live together “.

~ M. Scott Peck ~

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